These photos are from the 1958 Equator crossing on the way to Samoa.
The photos are courtesy of Al Schick.

King Neptune arrives with his court and presides over the initiation process, which will be very strenuous on the Polywogs.


Soderstrom, Garrett, Webb

The Shellbacks prepare to inflict their punishment on the Polywogs.

The Polywogs relax before getting their warrants and all Hell breaks loose.


The Polywogs arrive topside and crawl through the gauntlet which allows the Shellbacks to whip and paddle them as they go until they reach
the Royal Baby.

At the end of the gauntlet it is required that all Polywogs kiss the baby's belly. The belly is smeared with a lot of very smelly and foul tasting stuff. Of course your face is pushed into the belly so that it gets completely covered with the glop.